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Operation & Maintainance Services

As an Operate & Maintain Contractor, we can assist operators with day-to-day operation of wells, pipelines, multi-well batteries, compression facilities, processing facilities and flowstations, while adhering to all applicable regulations and policies. Specifically, for an asset, we will:

  1. Manage and ensure the maximum performance of all mechanical, instrumentation and electrical facilities.
  2. Monitor and maintain wells and facilities.
  3. Perform production programming & accounting.
  4. Continually identify and scope out opportunities to maximize production and minimize operating costs.
  5. Develop, integrate and continually update models of the production system i.e. wells, reservoirs and facilities.
  6. Perform all other duties as required and mutually agreed with Operators.

We can provide these services for a daily operating fee, lump sum contract or any other means of payment that is mutually beneficial to all parties. We are open to providing the capital, technical and management resources to perform this service for a share of the production from the asset.