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We offer integrated multi-disciplinary geosciences and petroleum engineering services for both green field development and brown field reservoir management. Our studies encompass the use of classical and special geological and reservoir engineering analysis. We employ the use of analytical geological and engineering tools as well as static and dynamic numerical modelling tools.
For an asset we offer specific services in the following area;

  1. Subsurface management of the oil and gas resources.
  2. Seismic Acquisition & Interpretation.
  3. Geophysical/Geological Modeling.
  4. Core Scanning/Digitization Services
  5. Modeling and calibrating the integrated production system.
  6. Integrated reservoir studies.
  7. Generating and/or updating field development plans.
  8. Planning exploration and field development activities.
  9. Perform all other geosciences and petroleum engineering services as requested and mutually agreed with Operators.

We can provide each of the above functions on a standalone contract. Alternatively, they may be it may be carried out as part of an Operate & Maintain Service contracts.