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We will assist Operators with day-to-day management of its wells portfolio. Specifically, for an asset we will:

  • Manage the oil and gas wells.
  • Monitor the daily performance of the wells & trouble shoot problem wells.
  • Carry out routine wells surveillance including planning and programming of well testing, samplings, barrel chasing activities etc.
  • Carry out integrated production review of wells. Identify scope for production increase.
  • Execute well servicing, maintenance and repair jobs.
  • Perform all other well services as requested and mutually agreed with Operators.



We can provide this service on a call off or turnkey basis as a standalone contractor, or as separate but fully embedded member of the operating team for a daily operating fee, lump sum contract or other means of payment that is mutually agreed. We are open to providing the capital, technical and management resources to perform this service for a share of the production from the wells.